Thanks to all those who attended our last sound sessions on the 9th of November. We hope you all enjoyed the experience. 

Our next sound sessions at An Tairseach take place on Saturday the 23th of November at the usual times of 10.00 and 14.00. Places are limited and can fill up quickly so booking your place in advance is advisable. You can email us via the contacts page or give us a call on 0872898073.  We will commence with our usual 45 min drumming/gong bath followed by our refreshment break and finish off with the more traditional sound bath of approximately50mins featuring a full array of crystal and Tibetan bowls, rain-stick, ocean drum, tuned chimes and pipes (solfeggio/harmonic), and various other percussion instruments. 

Next Sound Sessions

Saturday the 23th of November 

Future Dates for 2019 

Dec 14 & 28

The Venue

At An Tairseach, The fully functioning organic farm is like a little piece of Eden transplanted into the 'Garden of Ireland'. We will be holding the sound events in the conference room (below) which is a wonderful setting with and 'airy' high ceiling and beautiful hardwood floor (which can have lovely effects on an acoustical level).  At the events your initial focus should be your own personal comfort. It is recommended that participants lie down during the sessions, although there is no set rule and sitting or any other position is acceptable so long as the individual is comfortable and can relax. You may want to bring a yoga/camping mat, a cushion or small pillow for your head and a blanket if you require it. Once again the main issue is individual comfort. 


As mentioned above our usual approach of two shorter sound sessions has prevailed and will do so for the forseeable future.  For those who may not have the appropriate gear we do have a selection of mats, blankets and cushions available for use although participants are encouraged to bring there own kit if they have it as we may not have enough for everyboby.  As is normal at our events we will not introduce any visualisation or guided meditation but participants are encouraged to follow whatever path presents itself. After the sessions a period of silence is important, allowing the sounds to integrate and 'sink in', this also facilitates a 'return' to our shared reality. 


One of the things that is universally agreed upon after a sound bath is the deep feeling of relaxation and calm. Many remark that they had almost forgotten that type of deep comforting relaxation. Later, you may feel like an early night and will probably benefit from a light meal with plenty of water.  The sounds can also effect us mentally, emotionally and (if you're really good...) spiritually. Often the sharing of experiences afterwards can be of benefit as some people seem blessed with the gift of being able to put into words what many of us experience but cannot explain.   So then, why not treat yourself to a truly wholesome experience. Taking a little time for you to relax and unwind and restoring the balance necessary for a happy, healthy life.   The charge for attending  either the morning or afternoon session is €15. Anyone who would like to attend both may do so for €25.